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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if therapy is necessary for my child or myself?

If your experience of life is less meaningful, enjoyable, or clear than you would like it to be, therapy can help you to find support and answers to your struggles. Often children are not able to verbally express their emotional or experiential challenges, but you may sense that they seem more isolated, sad, angry, irritable, or disengaged than usual. Physical symptoms indicating stress or emotional tension can also appear in both in adults and children such as body aches, trouble sleeping, weight gain/loss, or skin rashes. Both the physical and emotional symptoms the body displays can be inner messages informing you that something is not quite right in yours or your child’s experience. Therapy can provide a safe space for both the expression and treatment of these difficult challenges.

Does Kate specialize in any specific therapeutic areas?

Although Kate works with individuals struggling with a variety of challenges, she does specialize in four main ares:


           Anxiety, Depression, and Suicide: Kate is experienced with working with individuals who experience emotional challenges, as well as consider/attempt suicide. Both verbal therapy and art therapy can be of enormous benefit for individuals suffering from these challenges, as many questions, feelings, and experiences exist that require support more extensive than the care friends or family members can offer.

           Pregnancy & New Parent Issues: Kate has extensive experience, both personally and professionally, with the challenges that often accompany bringing a baby into the world. New parents can experience a variety of emotions related to the stretching and changing of their lives as they expand to accommodate their new child. From postpartum depression and healing to navigating a newly-changed marriage, and everything in between, this life transition is a challenging one that can benefit greatly from therapeutic support.

Teen & Tween Issues: Kate has worked for many years with children ages 10-18 who have begun to experiment and involve themselves in maladaptive behaviors, negative thought processes, and difficult social experiences. Some examples are: bullying, socially isolating, eating disorder behaviors, anger, anxiety, depression, and physical symptom manifestation. Through a unique combination of therapeutic modalities, Kate works with these clients on increasing self esteem, utilizing healthy coping skills, productive emotional expression, and the implementation of creative outlets to help clients build their own resources and strengths to rely on going forward in their lives.

Eating Disorders and Body Image Challenges: Kate has extensive experience and knowledge working with individuals who struggle with Annorexia, Bulimia, BDD, Binge Eating Disorder, and concerning body image challenges. By utilizing a unique combination of creative, verbal, and body-centered practices, Kate is able to support and guide individuals as they heal and gain independence from their eating disorder.

What is the time commitment to therapy?

Sessions last for one hour, and can be scheduled regularly or on an as-needed basis depending on each client’s needs. Kate and the client will discuss the specific needs of the client, and a customized plan will be created to support their optimal health and stability.


Do I need to be an artist to do art therapy?

Certainly not. Art therapy is an incredible tool for most individuals, whether they have artistic experience or not. The very act of creating is a healing act, and it can facilitate a surprising amount of emotional relief, expression, and insight for most clients. The most important factor when coming into art therapy is to bring an open mind and willingness to try something new. The results can often be surprising and exciting!

Does Kate Accept Insurance?

At this time Kate does not accept any forms of insurance. She can, however, provide receipts to clients to submit to their insurance company. Many insurance companies have out-of-network benefits or flex spending accounts available, and often they will reimburse the cost of therapy.