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"The Authentic Mother" & Oracle Cards for Sale

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The Authentic Mother. A creatively-based companion book for new parents.

Becoming a parent is a life transition both wondrous and challenging. The Authentic Mother is a companion book for this time of change that validates the enormity of the feelings and experiences of early parenthood.

In addition to processing the multi-layered depths of becoming a mother on hormonal, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels, this book invites you to creatively express your emotions and experiences. Please note that no prior art experience is necessary to use this book—only an open mind. Within these pages you will find specific tools and exercises for creating art that will help you gain deeper insight into:

• Embodying your new role as a mother
• Connecting with your baby
• Working with changing relationship dynamics
• Expressing emotions, fears, and hopes
• Exploring the trials and tribulations of breastfeeding, healing, and body image
• Fostering self-connection and self-compassion
• Navigating plan changes, unexpected surprises, and the pain of loss
• Adapting and re-structuring your life to include your new baby

And much more.

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If you would like to hear a live radio interview about the Authentic Mother, please check out this link to the interview with Kate King and Empowering Motherhood Radio:

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Reviews for The Authentic Mother:
"I LOVED this book. The author, Kate King, eloquently captured the joy, hope, fear, despair, anxiety, pitfalls, and triumphs of every expectant and new mother. The book both directed and advised without being judgmental or preachy. I especially like the fact that the author highlighted some of the negative feelings sometimes felt by new mothers. Other books /blogs ignore these feelings and even criticize a mother who might not immediately feel ok with their role as a mother. Rather than "lightly touching upon" such a taboo subject, Kate King, provided reassurance, compassion, and constructive advise to help those struggling to recenter and find their sense of Self by facing their struggles without having to apologize for them. She also offered fun and creative directives that any new mom could use to work through every new situation they experience during a pregnancy and the first months after your baby is born. I would absolutely recommend this book for any woman preparing to move into the role of a mother, this is a book that can be read and re-read throughout a lifetime."
Reviewed by Rachel Z.

"This is a truly amazing book that can accompany any new parent or parent-to-be on their first stages of the exciting journey of new parenthood. Kate King's writing is very authentic, wise, and connects well with the reader. Can’t wait to read more! As a licensed professional counselor, I feel this book will be a valuable asset to many of my clients and others I know who have gone through new parenthood or are now. I also love the creative aspects to it, which add so much depth and allow the reader to adapt it to their unique situation and personality."
Reviewed by Kate D.

"This book, written in the first person is a very useful new tool.The explanations of the chemical and psychological changes that come from understanding what is happening increase the comfort and greatly reduce the pressures inherent in a pregnancy.. Ms. King goes further helping the New Mother take maximum pleasure from the fruit of her labor."
Reviewed by Renee B.

"The way the author wrote The Authentic Mother is so genuine you feel as though she is there with you, helping you through it, sharing her story with you. She isn't writing as a therapist, she is writing as a friend. Before I read this book I was in a dark place and I didn't even realize it. I am not currently a mother, but I did suffer the loss of my child through adoption. While working through and completing the art directives in this book, I was able to shine a bright light onto the scary areas surrounding my feelings. I now feel a sense of freedom and purpose. I suggest this book for any woman who has been pregnant. This book gives you a sense of sisterhood. We are all in this together! Well done, Kate King!"
Reviewed by Cecilia M.

"The Authentic Mother is an insightful, honest, thoughtful and a well written book. The lessons that can be learned are not only for mothers but are extend to those that aren't, as well as fathers, and friends and family of parents. Beyond the wonderfully written content, the art directives are interesting, well explained, and optional, if it's not your thing. Kate King and The Authentic Mother offer a perspective that is missing from parenting books. A definite recommend!"
Reviewed by Rebecca N.

"Very informative and entertaining read! Definitely worth it for new moms who are
looking for a real perspective on motherhood."
Reviewed by Taylor S.


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