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Services & Therapy Fee

Individual Counseling:

Many clients come to counseling and art therapy seeking emotional stability, skill-based counseling, support for challenging situations and behaviors, personal insight and healing, optimal holistic health, and personal growth.

This is also a safe and productive space to explore and work through difficult experiences a person has gone through, or a challenging situation they currently face. Through skill building, increasing personal insight and self-esteem, as well as emotional and creative expression, Kate's clients can prepare themselves for the challenges they may encounter in their futures related to


-Social pressures

-Depression, anxiety, and mood challenges

-Eating disorders and body image issues

-Pregnancy, fertility, baby loss, childbirth, and new-parent struggles

-Nourishing, meaningful relationships

-Positive choice making

-Healthy coping skills

-Social interactions and expectations


Viewing counseling as a tool for healing, growth, and preventative health allows individuals to gain the knowledge about healthy coping skills and behavioral modifications both before they encounter difficulties, and to utilize as skills for working through pre-existing struggles. Within this perspective the client will feel stronger about their personal strength and beliefs while feeling more able to cope healthfully with any challenges that may arise.

Couples Counseling:

Through verbal engagement (as well as creative expression if the couple is interested in this modality) couples can gain healing and insight into the struggles they face in their relationship. Kate provides a safe and open space for couples to share their inner heart with one another, as well as open into their fears and challenges in a way that can promote the most healthy and fulfilling relationship possible. Using a combination of therapeutic modalities, Kate will help you and your partner to express yourselves and learn effective tools and skills that can be used in your daily life with one another to promote a harmonious and fulfilling relationship.

What is art therapy?

"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - Things I had no words for." Georgia O'Keeffe

Art therapy is a form of counseling that incorporates artistic materials of all kinds to engage emotional, psychological, and behavioral difficulties within a person. Both the physical creation of art as well as the image itself can reveal insightful patterns, beliefs, and emotional challenges that the individual may be struggling with both consciously and unconsciously. A creative image can serve as a tangible metaphor for an individual who may not be willing or able to speak verbally about their difficulties. In this way, the art can speak for the person, honoring their experience and reflecting back to them the powerful internal feelings and challenges they may be encountering. Art therapy is based on the belief that creative expression helps people to resolve conflict, develop social skills, relieve stress, empower confidence, and increase self esteem and self awareness.

 Kate works with clients who:

-Struggle with feelings of anxiety, depression, or fear

-Have or have had an eating disorder or body image challenges

-Have gone through trauma or difficult past experiences

-Are struggling with fertility, baby loss, pregnancy, childbirth, or new parent issues

-Experience interpersonal relationship or sexuality struggles

-Suffer from low self esteem and unhealthy habits

-Are working through grief, loss, and bereavement

-Struggle with job or career challenges

-Need support through a life transition

-Struggle with women's health, and women's issues

-Experiencing common adolescent issues

-Seek personal growth, spiritual development, and deep insight into themselves

-Want to learn more about art and creative expression as a life tool

Therapy Fees:

Therapy sessions are one hour in length.

Kate's standard fee is $150 per individual session, and $200 for couples counseling.


Kate also offers a FREE initial consultation to all prospective clients.